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ZK-90P is an automatic banknote banding machine.
It is really a heavy-duty machine with 24 hours working without stop.
It is very suitable for CIT companies.

• ZK-90P is an innovative solution for banknote banding application. The system is a heavy duty operating automatic banding machine with remarkable new features and advantages.

• Due to the integrated printer, banknote banding process with ZK-90P becomes very easy, quick, reliable and productive.

It is no longer necessary the use of stamps on band:
- Up to now, all the necessary information on a banknote strap band, like bank-name, branch-name, operator-name and date were stamped or written manually by the operator.

ZK-90P writes all this information automatically as 4 lines on the band after finishing the banding cycle.
- Information on 3 lines with each 20 characters can be preselected by the operator.

- The last line contents date (day.month.year) and time (hour: minute: second) which is generated by the system itself and not changeable by the operator.

- For transferring data lists for the 3 lines from PC, RS232/USBinterface of the ZK-90P allows different options.
- Data transfer from PC to ZK-90P is easy by using a Window

• With the advantages of small dimensions, less weight, less noise and 24V-DC operation safety,ZK-90 can easily be placed at the tellers desk as an office machine and can be used in the vehicle.

• Easy operation, band reel change within some seconds and comfortable recovery. Easy cleaning of the cartridge head.

• Entering the operator menu, all operation parameters like welding temperature, tightness, and others can easily changed by the operator and displayed on the operator panel LCD-display;
for example, if the paper reel quality is changed the operator can reach optimal banding quality by changing parameters

Technical Speficiations

Banding Speed

• Up to 20 banding cycles per minute Operation
• Open-Loop Paper Feeding
• Heat Sealing Sytem
• Automatic printing of 4 lines document after banding
• Operator Panel LCD 2-lines Display
• Adjustable Banding Position Mechanism
• RS232 port and memory for data transfer from PC

Banding Size
• Banknote strap with 100 banknotes
• Width 25 mm
• Height 60 – 90 mm
• Length > 90 mm

Banding Paper Reel
• PE coated paper reel, industrial standard
• Paper width 40 mm
• Reel inner diameter 50 mm or 76 mm
• Reel outer diameter up to 170 mm

Operating Modes After Putting In The Strap
• Automatic banding starts automatically
• Manual banding starts after pressing the button

• There is no mechanical adjustment
• All working parameters adjustable by operator-menu, like welding temperature, welding time, band tightness, welded overlapping area...
Power Supply (no high voltage for user safety!)
• External 24 V AC/DC Adapter, standby 5 W, max 80 W
Noise Level
• Less than 40 dB (A)
Dimensions and weight
• 400 x 112 x 255 mm (Length x Width x Height)
• 7,5 kg, produced with stainless steel


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